Night Of Love by John M. Haffert
There will be special vigils outside those which begin on first Friday once a month.
God, the Father, has asked for a vigil on the 6th day of every month (starting at 9:00 p.m. and ending at 6:00 a.m. on the 7th) with the intention that the Divine Father may be known, loved and honored by all men. And the Father dictated specific meditations for the Rosary which will be found in the Appendix. So it is natural to have this special vigil when First Friday is the 6th day of the month.
We can also have special vigils beginning New Year's Eve (ending on the first day of the New Year, Feast of the Mother of God).
The Feast of the Sacred Heart is always a Friday, followed the next day (Saturday) by the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And when these feasts fall on the first Friday and Saturday a very special, well publicized vigil, can be planned.
Special Days Of The Two Hearts
We ALWAYS have the vigils on the first Friday-first Saturday, because these are the days They requested. They are days related in a special way to Their Sacred Hearts.
Friday was the day the Sacred Heart of Jesus was pierced for us as a fount of Mercy. Saturday was the day of the prolonged passion of Our Lady's sword pierced heart, because Jesus was dead and the apostles were scattered.
It was the day after He confided His Church to Her from the cross, and where was Judas? Where was Peter? They would be devastated for having denied Our Lord. And what about all the other disciples who had fled?
This tragic first Saturday after the crucifixion reveals all the depths of the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Co-redemptrix, Mother of the Church.
That is why Saturday is Mary's day.
It was Jesus Himself who asked us to have pity on Her. "Your Mother," he said, pointing to Her thorn-pierced heart at Pontevedra when She made Her first Saturday request, "console Her."
And why did She ask that on this day we confess, meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary, pray the Rosary, and make a Communion of Reparation for the sake of Her Immaculate Heart?
Our Lady Herself told us in Her previous apparitions in Pellevoisin (which after more than 100 years were approved in 1984): What most offends My Immaculate Heart are careless Communions.
Careless Communions deeply offend Our Lord, who pointed to His Heart flaming with Love when He asked for Communions of Reparation on the first Friday.
What offends the Heart of Mary is what offends the Heart of Jesus. St. John Eudes, who was responsible for introducing in the Church both the Feast of the Sacred Heart and the Feast of The Immaculate Heart of Mary said:
"Do not forget that not only does Jesus reside and dwell perpetually in Mary's Heart, but that He is in truth the Soul of her soul. therefore, coming into the Heart of Mary means to honor Jesus, and to invoke Her Heart is to invoke Jesus."
What could more offend both Their Hearts than careless Communions? And yet, how often I myself have received Jesus carelessly? And today, when so few go to Confession in comparison tot he many who go to Communion, how many careless and even sinful Communions may there be?
Oh, what a need for reparation!
The vigil responds to that need!
We begin by examining our conscience for Confession, we strive for true contrition, and we immerse ourselves in the mysteries of their Sacred Hearts as did St. John Eudes when he prayed:
"O Jesus, living in the he Heart of Mary, be the life of my heart! Mary, Mother of Jesus, obtain by Thy intercession, I beseech Thee, that I may have but one heart with Your Beloved Son and You."
And in return, He heard Jesus say:
"I have given you this admirable Heart of My dearest Mother to be one with yours so that you might have a heart worthy of Mine."
Oh, as we prepare to receive Jesus twice in this night of love...may we hear Him address those same words to us! May we receive Him with Her faith, Her trust, Her love.
Then indeed shall He, and also our dear Mother, be consoled. The careless Communions of our lives, and those of many others, will be forgotten in that flame of love.
Our Lady said at Akita that so far , She has been able to hold back the chastisement of the world by offering the Passion of Jesus to the Father, and by the cooperation of a few generous souls.
Let us be counted among them! And let us do our utmost to make their number increase!
(Note: If the first Saturday should be the first day of the month, the following Saturday is celebrated as the first Saturday, as Our Lord said the date of the first Saturday could be changed by any of His priests for a good reason, and since the first Friday cannot be changed, we are obliged to advance the first Saturday.)
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