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LeadSled Classic Carriers, Inc.

Getting your automobile from Point A to Point B – quickly, affordably, and safely. We do it better than anyone. Whether you have a one car or an entire trailer load; whether you’re sending it across the country or across town, we have the right equipment at the right price. Get A Quote

Not having a title for your classic car will delay your shipping plans, as most states require a title and/or a bill of sale.....

Before you finalize the purchase of your classic automobile, make sure that you can obtain insurance. Some models....

Before you ship your classic car, here is a checklist of things that you need to cover before you call us....

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Danny McCollough and Karen Taylor founded their company in 2009 after Danny hauled cars as an owner/operator leased to a few different companies for the last ten years. Both of their passions are hauling classic cars, although, we do vehicles of any kind as well as motorcycles and golf carts on occasion., We are the proud owners of a “sweet” 1999 Pete 379 as well as an enclosed, lift gate, 53? ft. trailer.

Today, we have more than 40 people that work with over 4500 customers a year. No matter how large we’ve grown, however, personalized and friendly service is still very important to us. We recognize your voice on the phone. We remember details and are committed to follow through. We want to ease your moving experience.

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18567 E. 2nd Street
Tulsa, OK 74108
Phone: 918.606.2807

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20 January, 2006

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