Night Of Love by John M. Haffert
  The Mother He Left Behind
  The Worlds Hope
  First Glorious Mystery: The Whispered Name
  Magdalen's eyes were dim with tears, her mind dulled by lack of sleep and grief, as she arrived at the tomb and found it empty. At that early morning hour, that man moving in the garden could be only the gardener. She cried out to him: "Sir, where have you taken Him?" "Mary!" He replied. How often I have failed to recognize Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament...
  Oh, yes, I have it on faith that He is truly present, body, blood, soul and divinity. But how often have I heard Him whisper my name and really recognized Him? How often have my Communions, or my presence before Him as at this moment, been such that my heart reached to engulf His Heart, even as Mary rant to throw Herself upon Him?
  In these next ten Hail Marys, I am going to ask my Mother, to whom Our Lord most certainly came first at the very moment of His resurrection, to cause His name to be so whispered in my heart during the vigil that I may recognize Him as did Magdalen, and that the meager fire of love in my heart may mingle with the flames of love in His.
  Again, in this mystery, I am reminded of the humanness of Christ, of His personal interest in me. Three days before, at the Last Supper, while reclining at that table, John actually rested his head on Our Lord's bosom. That was the first physical act of love and adoration to the Sacred Heart, the prelude to St. John's first Communion.
  Now, again, Magdalen threw herself upon Him, fondling Him so that He had to restrain her: Do not touch Me. I have not yet ascended to My Father."
  Usually, Our Lord cured by touching people, or by being touched by them. He used physical things, even something as lowly as spittle mixed with dust, to place His Infinite Power in contact with us.
  Now in His risen glory, bearing the lightsome scars of His Passion, He is present before me under the species of bread. I know this is so because He has told me. I know this is so because during 2,000 years, men of great intellect and wisdom have believed in this mystery and died for it. I know it because of the tremendous number of miracles He has performed in His Eucharistic state, possibly even more than He did in all of His life in Palestine.
  But I want to hear Him whisper my name. I want to recognize Him as Magdalen did. I want the scales to fall from my eyes so that I can see Him with the eyes of faith so clearly that my heart will leap up within me, and the minutes of this vigil will be all too short to tell Him of my love, and to make reparation for all those who ignore Him in His Sacrament of Love.
  Again, after His resurrection, He appeared on the road and met two disciples who were journeying a distance from Jerusalem. They were sad and were discussing His curcifixion. He walked along with them, and even though they had known Hima and heard Him preach, and had seen His miracles, they did not recognize Him. He was shrouded in the night, and had they not seen Him die? How could they have imagined that this stranger walking in the dark was He?
  Then when they came to the inn, He pretended to boing on, and they had to beg Him to tarry with them. Finally came the great moment. He broke the bread and they recognized Him!
  How often I have felt Our Lord walking with me, but I could not see Him clearly. My heart has burned with envy as I have heard words such as I am hearing now, or had thoughts such as I am having during this vigil. Yet I haven't seen Him clearly. I haven't heard Him speak my name. I earnestly desire this favor now, not for my own satisfaction, but so that I may more completely and worthily return the greatness of His love.
  Dearest Mary, when He does speak to me and I know His reality and nearness, how unworthy I shall feel in His presence! How can I dare to reach out to Him as Magdalen did?
  Oh, I dare only to ask this favor, dearest Mother, because I know from your visitation at Fatima that You offer me Your Immaculate Heart with which to believe in Him, with which to trust Him, with which to love Him.
  Dearest Mother of my Savior and my Mother, grant me, a poor sinner, this favor now.
Optional - Decade Prayer to the Father
  1) Dear Father, the first recorded words of Our dear Lord after His resurrection were: "Do not touch Me. I have not yet ascended to My Father!" He reminded us, as He had the night before He died, that He was sent by You to show us Your Love. Confirm us in the hope of our own resurrection to be with You forever.
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  Second Glorious Mystery: The Mother He Left Behind
  Our Lord knew the loneliness that would assail the apostles when He left them. He knew the desperation and fear that filled their hearts after the time of the crucifixion, and that would still tear at their weak natures until the great moment of Pentecost.
  But that was not the only reason He left His Mother behind to be with them. Otherwise He would have left Her only until Pentecost. But He left Her for fifteen years! She was to be the bridge. She was to be the Mother of the Church. She was to be the personal confidante of the first Pope. She was to be the consolation of the beloved disciple who had stood with Her at the foot of the cross, and the inspiration of the fiery apostle who had persecuted the new Church.
  Certainly after Our Lord disappeared into heaven having told them all that it was expedient that He go, but that He would send the Paraclete who would make all things known to them, what a sense of comfort must have filled the hearts of the apostles when they realized that He had left His Mother with them! As the days went on, She was gathered with them in prayer at the cenacle, awaiting the fulfillment of Our Lord's great promise.
  What a tremendous bond of love and trust must have developed in the hearts of those first members of the Church for their Mother! Today the world is forgetting this mystery of Mary's importance in the Church. Many cannot understand why it is that God sent the Mother of the Church at La Salette at Lourdes, and finally at Fatima, with the apocalyptic messages of our times.
  Pope Paul VI had to remind the world almost forcibly of Her importance at the end of the last session of the Ecumenical Council by officially proclaiming Her what She has always been, Mother of the Church, while simultaneously announcing that he was sending a special mission to Fatima to confer upon that site where She showed Herself Mother of the Church in our own time, the gift of the Golden Rose with the inscription: We confide the entire Church to You."
  This is what Our Lord did when He ascended into heaven, so is it any real surprise that the Holy Father repeated this now? Is it any wonder that we should turn to Mary, here in the presence of Jesus exposed, to find Her heart with which to worthily honor Him? Find a love to return His love? Find a trust worthy of His Infinite Goodness?
  Certainly, the closer we come to Mary, the closer we are certain to come to Christ. Even though He is human, He is also divine. I have no hope of grasping the greatness of this mystery unless I associate it with themystery of a human being like myself who was exempted from original sin. I cannot hope to enter into this mystery unless I enter into the mystery of Her Immaculate Heart.
  O, dearest Mother, my Mother and Mother of the Church, even as You were physically present with the first disciples in the cenacle after the resurrection, be present to me now as I find myself here in the physical presence of Your divine Son.
  Obtain for me now, as I pray these next ten salutations, a sense of my responsibility in the Church, of my oneness with the other members gathered here before the Blessed Sacrament with me, and living in any circumstance, in any part of this city, this state, this nation, this world.
  You appealed to me at Fatima, dearest Mother, to pray for the conversion of sinners, to accept my responsibility as a member of the Mystical Body of Christ. How can I fulfill this request unless You help me?
Optional - Decade Prayer to the Father
  2) Ascending to You, dear Father, He said that You would send the Holy Spirit to make all things known to us, and He left His Mother behind to gather with the church in prayer as we do now. Send Your Holy Spirit upon us and upon the Church!
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  Third Glorious Mystery: Fire
  After their long days of waiting and of fearing, what sudden terror must have gripped the hearts of many of the disciples when the building trembled and the tremendous roar of thunder was heard! But it was not the Roman Legions, or the armed mob of the Pharisses storming the building. It was a far different visitation! It was the fulfillment of the great promise of Christ when He said: "It is expedient that I go...I will send the Paraclet who will make all things know to you."
  Fire appeared. The visible flame raged over Mary and then into tongues that leaped forth and appeared over the head of each person there! With the fire, came so many gifts that it astounded the world and resulted in a change in the whole course of humanity. Formerly weak, they were strong. Formerly dull in understanding, they were now brilliant. Formerly ignorant, they now spoke in many tongues. Formerly shaky in their love, they now loved enough to die for God and for the salvation of their fellow men.
  Has Our Lady not promised us at Fatima a similar visitation? Today there are thousands huddled in concentration camps or in the secrecy fo their homes behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains, living in constant fear. But, Our Lady has said that if enough persons will pray, the militant atheists will be converted. How will this conversion take place except by a fiery storm of love from the Holy Spirit descending upon them?
  Our Lady has promised that this evil that has been fomenting wars, and that could bring upon us the annihilation of entire nations, will be lifted if only enough persons will make sacrifices and will pray for the conversion of sinners. Is not the very event of Pentecost proof to us that Our Lady can and will keep Her promise? Again, at Fatima, She used fire to confirm the reality of Her promise. She promised that on a certian day, in a certainplace, She would perform a public miracle so that "everyone may believe." On that day upwards of a hundred thousand people stared into theskyand saw a ball of fire which was so much like the sun that they described it as the sun.
  They saw it dance in the sky and suddenly plunge toward the earth, as though it were about to consume them and all the world around them. Each and every person in that vast throng was convinced that it was the end of the world. Just as suddenly as it seemed about to consume them, it gathered back into itself and staggered back into the sky. Immediately, everything around them which had been drenched by manyhours of heavy rain, was dry. The sky had clered and the sun was shining normally in the heavens.
  Even as Our Lady could cause this tremendous fire to appear in thesky and fall upon the mountain at Fatima, certainly She can obtain from God such a tremendous fire of the holy Spirit that could convert not only the Communists, but could change the hearts of the most wicked men. Above all, it could turn those who are weak in their faith, it could turn weaklings into giants, it could give us all the kind oflove that we would be willing to die for God.
  Is there anything we could more earnestly desire for these, our own days? Can't we identify ourselves at thismoment with those who are imprisoned, with those who are praying behind locked doors, with those who read of God and think of God in secret? Oh, how important is this night! Because so few have had the understanding.
  I am not worthy to be here. I am no better than any of those who are not here. But, I turn to You, dearest Mother, and remind You that it is because of Your appeal that I have come. I need You. Please lend me the fire of Your Immaculate Heart with which to call downthe fire of the Holy Spirit---even as that fire called Him to by Your spouse and brought about the Incarnation---even as that fire called Him down to the cenacle to confirm all the disciples in the first Pentecost.
  O, Mother of the Church, be my Mother now. As I recite these next ten salutations, with each one give me an increase of the gift of the Holy Spirit and make me a victim soul, an instrument to help bring about the great miracle which You promised at Fatima, the conversion of militant atheists and the peace of the world.
Optional - Decade Prayer to the Father
  3) Father, You kept the promise Jesus made as He ascended to You. You sent the Holy Spirit with light and strength. Grant, beloved Father, through the intercession of Our Lady, His spouse, that we may receive His gifts.
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  Fourth Glorious Mystery: Death
  How many of the deaths tonight will be inglorious? In the early morning hours of this day, death wagons will roll through the streets of Calcutta and Benares in India to pick up the corpses of persons who died in the streets, unattended, unwept for.
  Some will die tonight in concentration camps after years of torture and semi-starvation. They will have no priest. They will long have beenwithout the Sacraments. They will long have endured the mockery of their faith. But even though they may be unattended and dying in a most pitiable condition, if they have persevered, how glorious their deaths will be!
  What will my own death be like? Will it come within a week, a month, a few years? Most certainly it will come. This is as certian as the fact that I am here.
  In each of these Hail Marys I have been asking my Mother to pray for me at the hour of my death---but not just for me, but for all of us sinners. For while I need help at all times in my life, the hour of my death is my last chance for salvation. It is the last chance for everyone. who can help those souls dying tonight in places such as Benares and Calcutta? Who can help those who die in concentration camps and prisons? Who can help those who die alone, without spiritual succor?
  Only persons like myself---persons who ar ealso part of the human family and who can reach through distances even to persons unknown with the tremendous power of human love, with the far greater power of prayer to the God who made us. That is one of the most important reasons why I am here tonight. I ham here because of the reality of death, which for amny can be made glorious only if I and others like I remember to pray. Was this not the most urgent, the most plaintive message of Our Lady at Fatima?
  She showed the children a vision of hell, with souls falling into hell in such great numbers that it was like leaves falling from the trees in autumn, as she lamented: "So many souls are lsot because there isno one to pray and to make sacrifices for them."
  Now, as I come to the close of this night, in this mystery of Our Lady's own death, I plead with Her in a special way for the faith, the love, and the trust in God that will enable me to obtain thelast minute conversion of a thousand sinners. What love surrounded Mary at the moment of Her death! What joys awaited Her as She was to be almost immediately raised back to life and taken bodily intoheaven to reign with Her diving Son! She had endured the birth, the years of anxiety, the three days of loss, and finally the terrible fulfillment of Simeon's prophesy, when She witnessed Our Lord's passion, heard the pounding on the nails and saw Him die.
  She had endured the fifteen years of exile from Him after the ascension. She had humbly, in a thousand ways we can never know, aided the new Church, comforted the apostles in their distress, and anguished over the death of the first martyr. Now, came that longed for moment, the moment of Her own death.
  Dearest Mother, I need not remind You tonight of all those who may not only die ingloriously, but may die in mortal sin---lost to the Passion of Your Son, lost to all the graces He brought to the world through You. It is You, dearest Mother, who at Fatima reminded me. You told me that we, the living, are our brothers' keepers. Only we, still exercising our free will, can raise the entire human family from its present distress. Only we can change that terrible statement you made at Fatima as you showed us hell: "There is no one to pray and to make sacrifie for them."
  I am here this night, dearest Mother, to make that sacrifice, to say those prayers. But, I am not worthy to be here. I am not worthymyself to have a glorious death. I tremble at the thought of my own final moments as I remember my weaknesses, my failures, and the possible fall that I may make tomorrow. It even has been known that some who make the all-night vigils and holy hours becoem the special object of Satan's hatred, and fall away not only from thisholy practice, but into abominable habits of sin. Yes, dearest Mother, I am not worthy to be here, and I tremble for my own tomorrow.
  However, I have heard your plea. I recall before my mind the vision ofhell which the children of Fatima described. I can still hearechoing the words of little Jacinta: "O, if Our Lady had not been there, I would have died of fright!" Forgetting my own misery, dearest Mother, I accede to Your request by giving this night in reparation for my sins and the sins of the world. I plead with You for a glorious death for a thousand souls now---that before this day is over, because of this vigil, a thousand souls wo otherwise would be damned, will receive the grace of final contrition. I ask this, dearest Mother, by virtue of Your own most glorious transition to Heaven.
Optional - Decade Prayer to the Father
  4) With what joy, Father, You received Your daughter Mary assumed into Heaven! We are told that, in this joy, all Purgatory was emptied. By Her intercession, grant relief to the Holy Souls and final contrition to all the dying! And grant that we may obtain, by Her motherly intercession, to be with You and the saints forever in Heaven.
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  Fifth Glorious Mystery: The World's Hope
  In 1946 Pope Pius XII sent a personal Legate to Fatima (Cardinal Macella) and crowned the statue of Our Lady at the spot where She appeared, simultaneously proclaiming Her in a radio message to the world.
  Then in 1954, the Holy Father caused the most venerable picture of Our Lady in Christendom to be carried from St. Mary Major's in Rome to St. Peter's, and there over the tomb of Peter he crowned that picture and instituted the Feast of the Queenship of Mary. In his decree the Holy Father said: "We are not instituting something new int he Church, but affirming something old...and I recall to you that I first crowned Her Queen of the World at Fatima."
  So, in a sense, we are living now in that moment of the flowering of Christiantiy which could be called moment of Mary's Queenship. This is themoment of the world's hope. As Pope John XXIII put it: "Fatima is the hope of the world." Or to use another epression of "the Pope of Fatima." Pope Pius XII, which would seem incongruous against the backdrop of the atomic armament race: "We are in the springtime of history."
  Yes, the great promise of Our Lady of Fatima far outweighs Her terrible prophesies of the second World War, and even of the annihilation of nations: "My Immaculate Heart will triumph, and an era of peace will be conceded tomankind." But how will this reign of the queenship of Mary be accomplished? Has the world even begun to recognize that it is by borrowing the fire of the Immaculate Heart of Mary that we can bring upon the earth the flaming love of His Scared Heart? Or, to turn the analogy, is it not only bylighting our love with the fire of the Immaculate Heart that we can attract there the full flame of the love of Jesus?
  The very title Queen implies power. We so often think of Our Lady as the humble virgin of Nazareth, the instrument of God's grace, themeans by which He has come to the world. But we too rarely think of Her in the fulfillment of Her role as intermediary, in the fulfillment of Her position as the means of God's coming to our world.
  We rarely think of Her in the fullness of Her power --- a power so great that Christ acknowledged it by performing a miracle before His time at Her mere suggestion, and the first miracle in history at a predicted time and place in our very own day at Fatima, so that "everyone may believe." This is a dark hour for Satan, who trembles constantly in remembrance of the words God spoke in the Garden of Eden: "I shall place enmity between thee and the Woman, thy seed and Her seed, and thou shall lie in wait for Her heel and She shall crush thy head."
  How can we bring the power of our Queen into the world? We can do this by truly being Her "seed"---by responding to Her appear at Fatima as obedient, loving children would do. She asked for our prayer and sacrifice, and this night have we given Her enough? Oh no, dearest Mother, we want to give You all the nights, all the days, all the hours, all the minutes of our lives. We thank You for the grace of being here. We thank You for all the graces we hae experienced in these passingmoments. Now we long to become more efficient instruments of Your love, Your grace, Your intervention in the world. Since You are my Queen, take possession of all my faculties. Make my heart Your heart. Fill my imagination. Enlighten my understanding. Keep me ever conscious of my tremendous power because I am Your child and You will hear my requests---and since You are a Queen with power over all things, when You hear me, the world will change.
  Final Prayer Before Closing Mass
  Now, I have ended my night with Your divine Son, fulfilling Your request for prayer and sacrifice. I have borrowed Your Immaculate Heart to love Him with Your love, to adore Him with Your faith, to pray to Him with Your trust and confidence.
  But the greatest moment of all remains. Once again, I am about to be present with You on Calvary, really and truly. Calvary is about to become present to me in the Sacrifice of the Mass.
  When I attended the Sacrifice of the Mass at the opening of this vigil, I untied my heart with Yours at the foot of the cross. You who are the Mother of suffering, the Co-redemptrix, the sorrowful one. Now at this Sacrifice of the Mass, when it is the suffering Christ who is to become present on the altar when Calvary becomes present to me, I unite my poor heart with Your Immaculate Heart, not in its mystery of thorns, but in its mystery of pwer.
  To You, said St. Grignion de Montfort, have been confided the keys fo the cellars of divine love. So wehn I kneel at the foot of the cross during this Sacrifice, I will be kneeling with the heart which the redeeming Christ cannot refuse. In that heart, dearest Mother, I place the salvation of a thousand souls who otherwise would be lost before this night is over were it not for this Sacrifice, for this prayer.
  This is my gift to You, my Mother and Queen. This is my figt to my Redeemer: A thousand souls. In these next ten salutations, I will ask You for two special favors:
  First, dearest Mother, give me an understanding of my own unworthiness. I would not be here if I had not been called. I would not be here if, sometimes in my life, I had not been given the star of Your devotion to guide me through the darkness, to lead me up out of the slough of evil into which I fell, and to bring me constantly back to the consuming love of Jesus and the greater faith in His presence.
  But Satan who so deplores my keeping Your request for the conversion of sinners, will not only do everything to prevent me from making a vigil, but will try to spoil it all by pointing out that there are not many people here, and that, therefore, I may be some special kind of person because I came. I can only overcome this kind of terrible temptation, dearest Mother, if Thou will obtain for me that sense of perspective and of right which filled Your heart when You explained before Elizabeth that Your soul magnified the Lord not because You were the Immaculate Conception, but because He who was mighty had recognized the nothingness, the lowliness of His handmaid.
  Second, dearest Mother, having asked You to preserve me from every type of sin, especially the sin of pride, I ask You for a final time to lend me Your Immaculate Heart, the heart of My Mother and Queen ---but as St. Therese said" "More a Mother than a Queen." I want this Mass which I am about to attend to be the most improtant of my entire life. No matter how many times previously I have been privileged to be present on Calvary in the Sacrifice of the Mass, no matter how many times I may have this privilege again in the days to come. I know that right now I have only this once chance, this one moment right now to speak to Our Lord as He hangs on the cross. So give me all the virtues I need by filling my heart with the virtues of Your Immaculate Heart, that Our Lord may look down from the orss and behold not unworthy me, but His own loving Mother, more a Mother than a Queen---but will all the power of a queen to vanquish sin, to drive Satan back into hell.
Optional - Decade Prayer to the Father
  5) Eternal Father, we rejoice to live in this age of mercy when You have entrusted the peace of the world to Mary, our loving mother! We hail Her as our Queen. See us clothed in her livery and use us in Her service for the triumph of Your Kingdom in our nation and in all the nations of the world!
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