"Everyone Wins With Private Party Classifieds"

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"Everyone Wins With
Party Classifieds"
Recognizing & Handling Fraudulent Email regrets that it is not alone in being 'impersonated' via email by unethical individuals and businesses. Among other instances, Chase Bank, U.S. Bank, Slate Magazine, and even the White House are frequently 'spoofed', which leads innocent people to engage in fraudulent communications with someone other than who they think they are talking to. More than likely, an institution who you conduct business with everyday has sent you some 'compelling' email that you innocently replied to or considered doing so. The short answer is that if you have not responded.....DON'T, and if you have, DO contact your business partner to follow up. The best rule of thumb is to ALWAYS contact the company regarding email correspondence that presumably comes from them. Do this especially if you are not expecting the correspondence. It is better that you be safe than sorry, and it is far less time consuming and heart breaking to just assume that you are no match for the criminal mentality that spends each and every waking moment learning and practicing ways to rob you of your identity, peace of mind and money. Just make the call --- whether it is to, Chase Bank, or whomever, just take aside a few moments, give a call, and be certain.
Although not a guarantee against fraud, effective May 1, 2006, will be offering our customers a Secure Communications Email Protocol (SCEP) that ensures that both the buyer and seller are authentically identified. As the only online vehicle listing service that we know of who personally visits each seller prior to placing their ad on our site, we know that identity authentication is not appealing to thieves. Although we no longer list vehicles that we have not personally seen, the scant few exceptions that we have made to our 'personal visit' policy agreed to a series of follow-up communications to verify identity --- the rest.....well, they decided to choose another venue. The short of this is that is well aware that if an offeror knows that they will be subject to identity authentication prior to communicating with our customers, it is highly unlikely that they will conclude the transaction.....TOO MUCH TROUBLE. However, no matter how many safeguards are put into place, no matter how sophisticated the technology, and no matter how far our mind can stretch into the land of the criminally inclined, we bet that we will have missed something, soooooo......ALWAYS remember to practice Safe Selling!
Safe & Effective Vehicle Sales Practices For Private Parties
  By serving as their own agent, private parties find themselves acting in roles that they are neither accustomed nor skilled. The good news is that there are just a few points to keep in mind to ensure a successful vehicle sales transaction, so if you really feel it necessary to fork over thousands of dollars to a middleman to protect yourself from being victimized, please honor your instincts, as this might prove to be the best route for some people. However, done correctly, selling your vehicle private party is cost effective, and straightforward. For example, at, we always recommend that our customers use a variety of venues to list their vehicles. This is especially true when selling a specialty or classic vehicle. Otherwise, our advice is similar to most other online advertisers.
  For a refresher, please click here to review safe selling tips.
  Handled properly, most people who respond to your ad will truly be interested in buying your vehicle, and please rest assured that despite the sheer volume and loudness of their correspondence, those who are seeking to defraud, cause injury and promote fear and loathing on line are truly only a handful.....When conducting a private party vehicle sale, there is nothing that beats adhering to sound selling practices. However, regardless of how well you dot your 'i's and cross your 't's, it is first essential that you know that who you are communicating with is who they say they are --- this is most of the battle. All of our existing customers are encouraged to give us a call at 480.987.9381 to get started on the Secure Communications Email Protocol program. will be offering the SCEP with all future listing packages.
  For the curious, please feel free to review the following link. In addition to instructing you on how to check your email for authenticity, it gives an understanding of how compelling some spoofing attempts can be.
  E-Mail Impersonators
How to identify "spoofed" e-mail.
By Bill Barnes
Posted Tuesday, March 12, 2002, at 7:46 PM ET

Editor's note: To read the complete explanation of how Slate was duped by an e-mail spoofer, see this "Press Box" column.

After my wife cast her ballot on the morning of Election Day 1996, she arrived at work to find an e-mail from none other than the president of the United States ( He thanked her for her vote and promised to address her hot-button issues of education and women's rights. She was a little disturbed, but as it turned out the sanctity of her secret ballot hadn't been compromised. Someone (her husband) had merely sent her a spoofed e-mail. Click Here To Read More > > >

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