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The Charity
With so many good opportunities available to invest charitable dollars, it is sometimes difficult to know what to choose. After great consideration, we drew upon recent experience and decided to take the advice of a gentleman who we only knew for a brief time, but who enormously enriched our lives.
There are few people who know cars like Ron Raney knew cars. There are fewer still who knew people like Ron Raney knew people. For less than 1 year, we had the honor and privilege to speak with this man on a daily basis. When we met him, he said he was ill, but it was impossible to believe that he was dying....his stamina and intellect did not reveal a Man who was spending the last days of his life sharing with us what he knew about cars and about life.
Ron Raney passed away on 31 July 2009. It was a shock, even though he said that he did not have much longer. We did not hear from him as frequently for about 2 weeks, and finally, there were a few days when we did not hear anything at all. What remains is a great deal of knowledge that he gave to us. We will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to know this gentle Man.
One of the last things that we did with Ron was discuss charitable giving. He chose the YMCA. This was an excellent choice. The YMCA is dedicated to building "strong kids, strong families & strong communities."
If you throw in, "building strong cars", we now have a complete sentence!
I remember this conversation with Ron. It was always fun to speak with him. He was an intelligent man who loved people as much as he loved cars.
We will be donating 20% of all vehicle listing fees by CCC members to the YMCA.
If you love custom Merc's, take a look at Ron's car here: 1940 Mercury Custom Convertible.
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