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  About Us
  Welcome to --- the premier "For Sale By Owner" showcase that helps you sell your vehicle FAST! Our goal is to help private party buyers and sellers significantly cut their buying and selling time by giving you the opportunity to show your vehicle to prospective customers before they ever make an appointment. This is very helpful for all concerned, as it saves time and disappointment. "What you see is What you get" --- no more traveling for hours hoping that the vehicle you are interested in is what you 'think' you want; no more long hours spent on the telephone describing your vehicle to someone who may never show up. Now, makes it possible for you to simply refer buyers to your personalized webpage. It doesn't get any simpler than that, and when you think of how much time you save, the ad pays for itself almost immediately. The 21st century lifestyle is fast paced and time crunched. At, we are dedicated to help make the vehicle buying and selling experience a rewarding experience.
  Listers Receive:
  A private photo shoot --- we send a professional photographer to you!
  Your own personal webpage for your vehicle!
  *A personal 'hit counter' to show you how many visitors you have had!
  *Your own personal 'web page' for your vehicle!
  We list your vehicle until it sells --- no hidden costs or fees!
  Your customers contact you directly - is not a broker!
  Free text changes to your ad until the vehicle is sold!
  *Hit counter and domain name are available only on the 12 & 18 shot packages.
  We offer our services to both those looking to buy and sell their vehicles, as well as to businesses who provide products/services to our customers. Our mission can be summed up succinctly:
  We strive to provide our lister's with a level playing ground where they can feature their vehicles to buyer's online without having to lower their prices in order to compete with dealer ads. We provide a safe venue for people to advertise without sacrificing their privacy and personal safety. We leave no stone unturned in searching out businesses who are willing to provide incentives and value-added products and services to our lister's. Finally, we keep it all 'local'. Although we will search far and wide to feature our lister's vehicles to potential buyers regardless of their location, we know that most people tend to purchase their vehicles locally.
  Previewing AZCAT's listings is easy. Just make your selection from the links at the top of this page. Feel free to browse around; buy a vehicle or list your vehicle. We accept all major credit cards and online checks. We also have promotional opportunities for businesses and affiliate opportunities for webmasters, so whether you are online or offline, do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

For the cost of a carfax report, an inspection and a good detail, you can save hundreds if not thousands when buying a car from a private party. Reputable dealerships always do this; they ensure that the vehicle has not been stolen, flooded, etc. They also run the vehicle through their detail shop to clean it up and put the vehicle through both a smog and a safety check.


We look forward to being of service to you. Please take a peek at our site and let us know how we can help.



  Kim Harper Scarmozzino