1985 Chevrolet Corvette

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1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
Vehicle Description
1985 Chevrolet Corvette , Modified - Overview

Vehicle modifications were performed to enhance the vehicle’s ability and appearance. With 650 horsepower on tap, & a massive torque output, there isn’t much on the street that can come close. The braking & suspension systems far exceed most all production vehicle limits, with the exception of some extremely high- end exotics that may get into the ballpark. Body upgrades were made to increase high speed down force & cooling. Sound system upgrades are also on board. Basically a road race car for the street, it can out run, out corner, out stop and out jam most anything in its class, and price range.

Specifications detailed below. Over $50,000.00 Invested ~ Reasonable offers considered.
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner
1985 Chevrolet Corvette By Owner

Az Automasters built, Supercharged 406 cubic inch Tuned Port Injected small block chevy

Rated 440 Horse power, 450 ft. lb. torque , normally aspirated, before supercharger boost

Highlighted internals:

Block: cast iron , high nickel content Chevy 400 small block, .030 over bored, race prepped including torque plate honed cylinders, enlarged oil returns, deck surface plugged, milled and orficed for improved cooling, oil pump block feeds radiused

Oil pump: Melling high volume

Oil pan: GM 69 Z28 road race pan, including crank scraper, internal baffles & windage tray

Rotating assy. : Eagle performance forged crank and connecting rods, including ARP rod bolts

Pistons: 10.5 to 1 compression ratio hypereutectic’s, high temp rings gapped for boost

Timing chain: double roller

Balancer: Custom fluid dampner

Camshaft: Comp hydraulic roller, custom grind 224/230 dur.@ .050, .524/ .524 lift on a 112 degree lobe sep angle , TPI specific

Cylinder heads: Trick flow, twisted wedge aluminum heads featuring 2.02 intake, 1.60 exhaust, stainless steel necked down and swirl polished light weight valves, stage 3 port job, Installed with ARP head bolts

Pushrods: Comp cams hardened .080 wall chromemoly
Rocker arms: Comp cams aluminum 1.6 ratio full roller rocker, red anodized

Intake manifold: lower is stock TPI, max ported to equal “big mouth manifold, & port matched to runners, Upper plenum is max ported to runners & throttle body
Intake runners: TPI specialties high flow tubular runners, proven the best available on the market in multiple dyno comparisons. Beats the Accel’s flow slightly & stay cooler due to thin OEM style tubing, not thick casting

Throttle body: Az speed & marine 58 mm, shaved shaft & titanium blades

Oil filter: deep high capacity, with clamp on aluminum finned cooler

Engine mounts: Custom solid steel mounts were installed, eliminating any engine torque loss thru absorbsion, and further strengthening the frame rigidity, creating a new tie point

Supercharger / Air intake system

Supercharger: Vortech, reverse rotation, T trim blower, engine oil cooled, max capable boost 20 psi. Current set up with 8 rib belt, pulley calibrated to make 10 psi boost at 6000 eng. Rpm.. This enables the supercharger turbine impeller speed to be ran at roughly 50% of maximum rated speed at engine rpm redline, keeping the air discharge temps in the most efficient range possible.

Oil supply: Supercharger oil is fed from engine, thru a dedicated oil cooler designed to be large enough to cool an entire engine, with it’s own cooling fan. It is mounted to driver side front fender vent area, with fan blowing hot air out the vent. Keeps a constant cool supply of oil to blower, aiding in keeping air discharge temps down.

Intercooling: Water/ alcohol injection system provides “gasious intercooling” . Uses 50/50 ratio, and drops intake air temps 50 degrees F. in 1 sec. & 100 Degrees in 2 seconds after engagement. Kicks on at 2 psi boost, and is adjustable.

Air intake system: Air is pressure fed to supercharger thru a Breathless performance Ram Air kit. The ram air scoop is forward facing, located in the front license plate area, forcing air into the air filter assy. , that is custom hand modified to exit the pressurized air thru sealed tubing directly into the supercharger inlet. This Ram air kit does not interfere with airflow to the radiator, and id the best on the market for C4 Vettes. It adds horsepower thru pressure, and by supplying the blower with only cool outside air, unlike any blower kits made for these cars, truly unique and custom.

Blower mounting: this is a custom Az Automasters engineered mounting set up, similar to the LT1 kits, but nothing like this was ever offered for the C4 Vettes.

Exhaust system

Headers: Hooker super competition long tube headers , 1 3/4" primaries, 3" collector. Ceramic coated.

Piping: Starting at the header collectors, there is a gradual collector cone that reduces the 3" diameter down to 2 ½" over about 10 “ distance, connecting into true 2 ½ dual exhaust pipes. These are smooth mandrel bent sections, with a custom X center section, that allows cross-feed between the 2 sides, but does not neck down the flow into an x merge, but merely joins the already parallel running piping with an available crossover point.

Mufflers: These are custom built, starting with flow master super 40 series, they were modified for higher flow, and less internal deflection resistance. The tail pipe tips are dual per side 4 “ that are full size all the way into the mufflers. You can literally put your hand down these tips & into the muffler. No flow restrictions here. The result is a deep cam’d sounding rumble that is not to loud at idle or cruise, but has that deep muscle car sound. Under heavy throttle, it becomes much more aggressive sounding, being that of a mix between a NASCAR and INDY car type sound. It has a very unique roar. It does not sound raspy or poppy. It has been described as “wild” or “wicked” sounding. Everyone will be impressed. AZ Automasters hit the nail on the head with these mufflers!

Cooling system

Radiator: Ron Davis racing radiator, all aluminum with 2 rows at 1.25" each, grounded

Water pump: Ac Delco aluminum pump, with modified impeller for 20% higher flow

Thermostat: Stant super-stat 160 degree rating, drilled vent

Cap : secondary 16 # cap installed in upper hose, high point to eliminate all air pockets

Air flow : Stock cooling fan , low temp kick on, a/c condenser deleted, custom aluminum side panels to seal all air from going around radiator, M1 Prowler air dam / deflector, featuring a deeper, steeper angle for increase air flow, along with brake cooling ducts built in

Transmission, 4 speed auto. Az Automasters built Max performance 700R4

Highlighted internals:

Trans Go shift kit, including custom governor re calibration

Clutches: All are high friction red Alto’s, with upgraded 8 disc 3-4 pack

Steels: Alto black high temp Kolene

Band: Extra wide 2 5/8" Alto red 2-4 race band

Sun shell: Heavy duty “ Beast “ sun shell
Input drum: Best GM LS1 input drum , designed for C5 Vette / truck

Planets: 5 pinion Delco front & rear planetary gearsets

Torque converter: custom full size 12" converter with 1800 RPM stall, high torque stator, and Kevlar lock up clutch

Pump: Upgraded to 13 vane with hardened high RPM “Unbreakable “ rings

Suspension system :

Springs / shocks: Bilstien adjustable height coil over spring and shock set up. Sport tuned bilstien shocks. Front springs are 425 # rating, rears 325 # rating. This combination gives superior balance, control and stability over the stock transverse mono leaf system that has been eliminated. The spring rate while definitely being stiffer than the stock Z51 springs, are the perfect balance between being comfortable enough for street use, while still being a road race capable combination designed to control the heavier tire / wheel combo, while still adequately utilizing the softer road race compound tires. Eliminates all cross talk between sides that was an issue with stock mono leafs, going over bumps, while cornering hard. Creates a true independent suspension. The altered front rear weight balance was also taken into account when choosing spring rates. Ride height has been set with corner weight scales for best balance.

Bushings: Energy suspension, polyurethane. All front & rear suspension bushings have been replaced with this brand, and lubricated with thick silicone grease. These are the best brand. They make no noise

Stabilizer bars: Front is factory 32 mm solid, ZR1 bar, with Aircraft grade steel, adjustable heim joint end link kits installed , poly frame bushings, relocated for proper geometry due to lowered ride height. Rear bar is factory 26 mm solid, ZR1 bar, poly frame and end link bushings. Both are the largest bars ever offered for these cars from GM.

Rear control arm mounts: The rear control arm mount to frame brackets have been replaced with high performance Doug Rippie pieces . These change the effective instant center of the vehicle over the rear tires, thereby applying more down force to them under torque. Basically traction brackets, they can increase the squat under load, adding increased off the line traction, and increased grip, while accelerating out of the apex of a corner.

Front control arms: Custom set up. A somewhat unique mod that can only be done to the early C4 Vettes is a secret among racers. By utilizing late model C4 lower control arms & steering knuckles, but leaving the early stock upper length arms in place, it create an even larger differential between the already unequal length upper/lower control arm set up. The benefit of this set up is it rolls in increased negative camber during hard cornering, causing superior grip without having to run horrible extreme tire wearing neg. camber in the alignment settings.

Rack & pinion: Z51 tight ratio quick response steering rack, 2.25 turns lock to lock. Poly mount bushings installed.

Wheels: All wheels are 17 x 11" chrome, with screw in short valve stems to eliminate centrifugal force failure at high speeds. The rear wheels are factory lightweight OEM ZR1 wheels, with a higher magnesium content. The fronts are lightweight aluminum ZR1 replica wheels that weigh 2 lbs more each.

Tires: Rear tires are 335/35R17. Fronts are 315/35R17. All are street legal, DOT approved, Kumho Ecsta V710 road race tires. They have a tread wear rating of 50. Traction is AA rating, & A temp. rating. They have a very soft rubber compound, far superior in g force handling grip than max performance summer tires. Capable of holding just over 2 G’s when warmed up, these tires are categorized as competition level tires, but have tread. Good acceleration grip as well. While tire wear isn’t the best, it is well worth the impressive ability levels when at play.

Weight balance: While in stock form the C4 Corvette has a good front to rear weight bias, this car has been worked much closer to the 50/50 mark. Weight reductions to the front include but are not limited to deleting the entire a/c system, including compressor, condenser, lines, accumulator, evaporative core, and housing. Battery removal, relocation to the rear. In the rear, some of the weight that has been added include a 40 lb. Safety roll bar assy., 2 stereo amplifiers located under the carpet on the far aft wall of the storage area, and the rear storage compartments over the tire area, have been converted as a dual purpose sub woofer enclosures, and battery mounting compartments. Both compartments have removable, sealed top panels under the carpet, & each contains one 10" sub woofer, and one marine optima battery.

Alignment: The settings are a great balance between street or road race use. Due to the control arm set up in the front, camber settings are quite reasonable, allowing good tire wear for street use, while some negative camber is incorporated for high G cornering. Front caster is cranked up quite a bit to increase high speed stability and road feel . Rear camber is set close to zero, as of a lot of neg. camber isn’t needed for good cornering considering the rest of the combo. Also this close to zero setting leaves the rear tires flat with the road for the best compromise with off the line drag race traction. Toe is set at zero on all 4.

Brake system:

Rotors: Front rotors are cross drilled and slotted 13" ZR1 size units. The feature directional internal fins to pump cooling air while turning. They are not full of holes, but have a modest amount for cooling and out gassing, while still retaining a good amount of surface friction area. The rear rotors are 11" and are slotted only. This is done intentionally to increase the amount of surface area on the rear disks, while the slots take care of the out gassing. All rotors have been thermally cryo treated, for increased friction, and to prevent warpage under extreme use. All are high quality steel, with over a 300,000 psi tensile strength.

Pads: All pads are Performance friction racing pads, 00 compound. These provide great initial cold bite, while ramping up the friction torque output as they heat up under hard usage. This combination gives highly impressive stopping power to both driver and passenger, especially coupled with the extreme grip of the tires.

Calipers: Fronts are stock ZR1 dual-piston , rears OEM single piston PBR with cooling fins

Brake hoses: All hoses are dot approved Teflon lined stainless steel braided

Master cylinder: New ‘96 Corvette master chosen due to it’s slightly larger internal piston diameter than all prior C4 masters. Custom rear brake pressure line bias proportioning valve spring has been installed to increase rear brake force over stock calibration.

Fluid: Super blue ultra high temp racing fluid

Cooling: custom front brake air duct tubing originates from the custom air dam to add some extra air flow for cooling rotors & calipers

Rear end differential

Rear diff: Dana 44 unit is installed, 3.42 ratio gears. Posi-traction is upgraded with slightly stronger springs, and fresh clutch packs. Runs synthetic gear oil. Carrier beam mount bushings replaced with poly.

Drive shaft/ halfshafts : stock aluminum, with H.D. Spicer U joints installed

Body enhancements:

Hood: stock hood has been modified with open slots, with black screen adhered to the underside for two reasons. The primary reason, reduction in lift at high speeds, resulting in increased down force. Notable improvements at speeds in excess of 120 mph. Secondary reason, to aid in engine cooling, by helping otherwise trapped under hood air to escape, especially at idle and low speeds, helping to keep the engine, supercharger, & intake runners cooler , among other things. It also adds a unique and aggressive improvement to the appearance.

Rear spoiler: Custom hand crafted rear fin was constructed in layers of custom formed aluminum sheet metal both riveted and fiber glassed to the rear bumper, then fiber glass was layered onto & hand shaped to form a stylish and functional rear spoiler. It’s main purpose is to increase down force at speed and is quite noticeable starting at about 80 mph, during quick lane changes, or evasive maneuvers, the rear is much more planted.

Rear bumper fascia: This replica rear bumper is made of fiberglass, not rubber like the OEM part. It upgrades the looks to that of the ‘91 and up C4 Vettes.

Rear fuel door: Emblem has been removed, and hand grip to open door has been fiber glassed smooth for a better more unique appearance . A hidden rod is pushed to open fuel door

Front fender vents: Upgraded to the ‘95-96 style. Holes have been enlarged some for more radical appearance, and better air venting.

Mirrors: Side mirrors have wind shields installed, that only came stock on convertible models. These improve high speed aerodynamics, and reduce cockpit wind noise.

Front marker lights: Front turn, park, & fog lights have clear lexan plexi-glass inserts that have been fabricated and installed. This is to aid in aerodynamics, as well as appearance. On the front of these inserts black metal mesh screen ( that matches the hood vent screens ) have been installed. It gives a nice black out effect, as well as not interfering with the light output, as opposed to a tinted lens. The turn sig./ park lights have been upgraded to the brighter amber krypton bulbs & sockets used in the C5 Vettes. The fog lights have been replaced with seperate 65 watt high intensity blue driving lights that have been re wired to come on with the factory switch, without the headlights being on or up. This was not permitted from the factory.

Headlights: High intensity “Hella” headlights with replaceable H4 bulbs are installed. They can beam out up to one mile on high beam. Separate high power relays had to be wired in as of it was too much current flow for the stock headlight switch to handle . They have one step above the legal intensity installed now. Many choices are available for the H4 size.

Audio system

Overview. Sound system has enough power to hurt most peoples ears and still be crystal clear, without distortion, and plenty of thumping bass, all that sounds great at even 100 mph, with top off & windows down over the wind noise. No part of sound system looks non stock, other than head unit. There is also a bass boost control knob hidden in the cup holder area.

Subs: 2 rear hidden Rockford fosgate HE2 subs are mounted in the converted rear storage compartments. The grills are aimed to fire directly at the rear of the seats.

Rear speakers: Custom fit into the stock location are 2 Pioneer 6x9 200 watt high power 4 way speakers. Stock Vette grills are retained.

Door speakers: Custom fit into the stock locations are 2 Pioneer 6" 150 watt high power 3 way speakers.

Dash speakers: Custom installed, there were never any speakers installed in these dash pads, although GM put grill mesh there to give the look of them being there. Installed are 2 Infinity 4.5 “ mids, with separate tweeters, mounted in dash , with crossovers.

Head unit: Pioneer DEH-P680mp unit. It has CD , MP3 player, with blue background programmable display, will play graphics, and has infinite audio adjustability. Removable face plate

Amps: 3 amps on board. 2 mounted to rear storage area wall, hidden under carpet. Mounted with large safety straps from outside of wall, for retention in the event of serious crash. Rockford Power series amp powers subs, pro series Profile powers rear 6x9's. Infinity accoustic amp mounted under dash, against firewall runs door and dash speakers.


Instruments: All stock digital dash gauges remain fully functional Added components that replace the center a/c vents are as follows: an electronic Autometer analog style fuel pressure gauge, a LED vertical bar graph air fuel ratio gauge ( not the round style that are always erratic and annoying ) , an amber shift light, and a vac / boost pressure gauge.

Fuel system & management

Fuel pumps: The intake pump consists of a high volume high pressure pump. The secondary inline boost pump is a Vortech T-Rex pump, mounted to the frame, & powered by its own dedicated relay.

Injectors : Fuel injectors consist of 42 lb. Per hour units.

Computer: ECM has custom programmed chip, in stock GM computer. Late model TPI speed density system. Old maf system has been eliminated. Cold start injector eliminated.

Starting / Charging

Starter: High torque mini- starter, header has thermal wrap close to starter area for further heat shielding

Battery: Dual optima blue top marine starting batteries, wired in parallel to double the available cranking amps are on board

Alternator : Upgraded to newer CS style 140 amp unit, large case, with H.D. bearings.

Ignition system

Coil: Accel super coil, removed from housing, and installed in GM cap

Control: MSD 6AL multi strike discharge system , with adjustable timing / boost retard. Knob mounted in cup holder area , and can be concealed by closing lid.

Ignition cables: Taylor 8mm high temp spiro pro wires, with a spiral wound core, blue

Safety devices

Roll Cage: A four point 2 “ heavy duty .180 wall roll bar set up, with horizontal harness bar is securely welded to the frame at all four points.

Roof brace: A custom fabricated unique piece. This roof brace can be easily bolted on when the top is removed, at the 4 top mounting points. This bar not only looks cool, it reduces chassis flex much more than when the stock top is installed, and adds a good safety margin of support if the vehicle was ever rolled with the top removed, giving the wind shield pillars much needed support, & preventing them from just folding in.

Seats: Custom Corbeau seats offer good density, so you can really feel the forces the car generates, unlike the soft absorbing stock seats. These seats wrap around you, and really hold you in place during radical driving, especially when using the 4 point harness safety belts that are a breeze to fasten & unfasten.

Roof Panel

Factory see through smoked plastic glass top is included

Basic specs.

Horsepower: 650 @ engine
Torque: 610 ft. lbs.
Quarter mile time: 10.7 seconds @ 139 mph, 1200 ft above sea level, 75 degree F ambient temp
Top speed 190 mph @ engine redline
Fuel economy: 14 mph city, calm driving

Fuel required : 92 octane absolute minimum. 96-98 recommended. A mix of 91 and 100 octane unleaded can be used. Cannot use leaded fuel. Octane boosters not rec.

Recommended eng. oil: Mobil 1 15w50 full synthetic.

Cornering lateral G force: 2 G’s, with current tires, heated up
Braking distance: 80 mph to 0 = 80 ft.
Most impressive acceleration area: 80 mph punch to 160 mph, very strong pull!
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