1967 Plymouth Valiant

Summer 2011 Line
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Vehicle Description
Hello Mopar Fans! Thank you for reviewing on my 1967 Plymouth Valiant.  It runs and drives fantastic, sounds even better and is not perfect mind you, however, I personally have done a lot of work to this car and it's in awesome shape mechanically and needs some cosmetic fixes to really make it stand out more.  Note:  These pictures were taken last summer.  The only thing that's changed is the front wheels (which now also have new tires) so see below for explanation.  Pictures were taken last summer, front wheels are different than pictures (see section on wheels).  Only pictures not taken last summer is the interior picture an engine bay pic.  Appearance is largely unchanged.

Ok let's get to the good stuff:

225 CID Slant-Six bored slightly over to about 235.  Rebuild was within the last several years I don't know exactly when. Actual mileage on engine and vehicle unknown, current mileage an estimate.

Clifford Mechanical 265 Performance Cam.
Clifford Watercooled Intake.
Clifford Two Piece Header.
390cfm Holley secondary 4bbl Carb
MSD 6AL Ignition.
Dual Exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers.  SOUNDS LIKE A V-8!
New distributor cap, wires and points (done when I installed the MSD).
New Electronic style Voltage Regulator.  This is not the old Electro/Mechanical type but a new one with a circuit board.  Looks original but is alot better than original.
New Mechanical Fuel Pump.
New Brake Master Cylinder (non power).  Note: also has manual steering.

Rebuilt A904 3 Speed Automatic with Hurst V Matic floor shifter.  Transmission was rebuilt less than a year ago with a Stage 1 Shift Kit and a new torque converter.

4 New Wheel Cylinders
All new Brake shoes
4 New Drums (note only 3 installed currently but have the 4th). 
Note brakes are 9" drums all around with 5x4" bolt pattern.  Even with the 4 manual drums the pedal feel is very good and has no problem stopping (it's a pretty light car).

Tires and Wheels:
Rear Tires are a year old and the fronts are about 6 months old.  Front wheels are now powdercoated (satin black) 14" original steelies.  If you really want to know why I changed them let me know and I'll tell you but trust me the car drives a lot better as those wheels pictured in the front were drag rims with no offset (which caused other complications that have been rectified).  Basically before I made the change you could not turn the steering wheel.
1967 Plymouth Valiant By Owner
1967 Plymouth Valiant By Owner
1967 Plymouth Valiant By Owner
1967 Plymouth Valiant By Owner
1967 Plymouth Valiant By Owner
1967 Plymouth Valiant By Owner
1967 Plymouth Valiant By Owner
1967 Plymouth Valiant By Owner
1967 Plymouth Valiant By Owner
1967 Plymouth Valiant By Owner
I had a new headliner installed last summer.  That's really all the interior work I've done.  It has Okole Wetsuit like seat covers over the front bucket seats.  This car was originally a bench but had buckets from an older import (a 240SX i think) installed.

Vehicle has no carpet and is just a heavy rubber mat with a Dynomat underneath.  The interior is probably the one thing that really remains unfinished however since I put the headliner in it's a lot nicer to drive.

Note: the car has a stereo but I removed it because I did not like the installation that was done.  Unfortunately that part of the dash was cut for the stereo to fit.
Note: also the windshield wipers do not work.  They did until I somehow managed to disconnect them.  It has a 2 speed wiper which was really nice when you needed it but for some reason I haven't been successful in repairing the wiper circuit. 

Note:  Gas gauge does not work but I do have a new sending unit in a box for you.
The dash lights work but are dim.

All other electrical items work perfectly plus the Valiant has a really loud horn (with Grant Steering wheel).

One thing I'm glad to say is it has no rust, this is a very clean car.  There's a small spot of surface rust on the floor of the trunk and the passenger decklid corner. 
The paint is a little old and is starting to show it's age but it still looks good and turns heads.  There's a few dings on the hood and also some very odd deep scratches on the deck lid.  I'd say the deck lid is where most of the paint problems are on the car. 
There are a few other spots of paint missing:  On each rear quarter the paint is missing on the bottom of the lip.  This is from a previous owner lowering the car about 2 inches and letting the tires rub on the inside.  I have since corrected this problem and reset the rear height to the stock level.  Also there's a spot missing at the gas cap.  Sometimes it overflows when you fill it up.  I can't explain it it's strange but I have noticed other Darts, Valiants and Mopar A bodies having the same problem so it's fairly common.

If you have any questions feel free to email me and I'll get back to you.  If you are in the area and you'd like to come and take a look at the car just email me and we'll set up a time.