1967 Mercury Cougar

Summer 2011 Line
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1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
1967 Mercury Cougar For Sale By Owner
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Vehicle Description
1967 Mercury Cougar
For Sale By Owner
Reduced To $15,500.00 For Immediate Sale
This beautiful car underwent a complete three year body-off restoration that was completed in 1994. I had always wanted another ’67 Cougar ever since I sold the one I had driven in High School in the 1970’s. The extensive restoration was performed entirely by myself utilizing ten plus years experience as a Ford factory trained Heavy Line Mechanic. The car was then driven for only one year by a stay-at-home mom to run the kids to school and go to the store. When a new model car was purchased for her, this car was prepared and placed in garaged storage, and had not been driven or licensed since 1995. The total driven mileage since completion of the restoration is less than 6,000 miles. Three months ago I retrieved the car from storage, however it still remains unregistered (license is not current) and therefore is not being driven.

Specifications are as follows: Original 289 c.i., 4V engine, floor shift auto transmission, power steering, power brakes, tilt and swivel steering column, air conditioning. Restoration was so complete, that the body was suspended on a rotation device to allow me standing access to the underside where fuel and brake lines where removed, the body stripped, and the underside repainted the original factory black color. The top side was repainted factory turquoise blue with the doors, deck lid, hood, and fenders painted separately while off the car. The interior was totally redone with original quality and type seat covers, head liner, and carpeting, and then a new white vinyl top was installed. The exterior of the engine appears completely stock after the overhaul, except for a replacement carburetor (the original carburetor was not capable of passing today’s Arizona emissions standards). However, the engine is far from stock internally. All intake and exhaust manifold passages and cylinder head runners were flow tested, ported to equality, and then all the gas paths were Extrudehoned® (abrasive flow machined) to a mirror finish. The mild cam ensures performance but does not adversely effect idle or emissions. All parts were blueprinted and balanced prior to assemble. Wheel dynamometer testing of completed car recorded 160 hp at the rear wheels through a highway ratio rear axle drivetrain. The suspension was completely new including springs, bushings, grommets, and gas stabilized shock absorbers. The new dual exhaust system is of the factory design. The original factory drum brakes were converted to disc brakes utilizing 1968 cougar components including the properly sized master cylinder replacement onto the vacuum power booster. The original wheels and wheel covers were replaced with factory rally spoke chrome wheels with the original Mercury center caps. The factory AM radio was replaced with AM/FM, CD player with 100 watt amplifier.
This is an originally purchased Arizona car, and was driven every day of its life in our rust free climate. I am the fourth owner, and knew the third owner, as he was my friend’s father who drove it daily to work for several years. I also have the original owner’s manual and sales documentation from when the car was first purchased from a Scottsdale, Arizona Lincoln Mercury dealer the day before Christmas, in 1967.

New and/or overhauled components list:
  Original 289-4V engine
  Forged .030 oversize bore pistons, 8.5:1 compression ration for today’s octane levels
  Mild performance cam to increase low end torque
  Blueprinted to specifications with rotational and static balance of internal components
  Performance three-angle valve seat grind configuration with new hardened stem valves and valve guides (for unleaded fuel usage)
  New configuration machined positive seal valve oil seals
  All steel, double row timing chain and gears
  Professional flow bench tested and ported all airflow passages from intake manifold, through the heads, and factory exhaust manifolds
  Extrudehone® all air flow passages of all gas path components to mirror finish
  Original C-4 automatic transmission
  New suspension and brake components
  Front Coil springs
  Rear leaf springs
  Gas stabilized shock absorbers
  All body and suspension grommets, using urethane rubber components where available
  Converted to front disc brakes
  Rear drum brakes
  New master cylinder and vacuum power booster
  Overhauled steering gear box
  Overhauled power steering pump
  New oversize radiator
  Solid state sequential rear turn signal control box to replace unreliable relay switch “clicker” unit
  Replacement of all vacuum, water, fuel, and hydraulic and brake pressure lines made of rubber
  New heater core
  New white seat covers exactly match originals
New foam inserts installed during upholstery replacement
  New white head liner exactly matches original texture and design
  New turquoise carpeting of the exact design of original
New carpet underlayment insulation and padding matching original
  Replacement dash board pad located and shipped from Pacific Northwest to replace original cracked unit
  Color match dyed door panels and other interior items to match new components
  New chrome door ledge strips with factory design Ford Emblems.
  Exterior and paint
  Factory Turquoise Blue acrylic enamel paint with three coats clear
  New white vinyl top of factory design
  Under side of car stripped and repainted factory black to seams
  Fire wall and inner fender wells painted factory black
  Deck lids, doors, and fenders painted off car, then installed in factory method
  Body fender bolts and other hardware cleaned and reinstalled unpainted in factory method
  Chrome is original plate due to mild Arizona exposure
  New windshield, all other glass original
  All new window weather stripping, door and trunk seals
  Viper car alarm with electric door lock actuators
  Trunk interior vinyl cover kit with spare tire cover and jack tools pouch of factory design material
  Steel belted radial white wall tires
  And probably many other small detail items I can’t remember.
Original manuals are available. Reduced to $15,500.00 for immediate sale.
For more information contact the owner directly at 888.600.4945