1955 Dodge Custom Royal

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1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale
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Vehicle Description
1955 Dodge Custom Royal
For Sale By Owner
Offered For $17,500.00
1955 Dodge Custom Royal. This model features a V-8 engine with PowerFlite automatic transmission. 82K original miles. The exterior is in very good condition. Minor chip on wheel lips, no rust, or missing/broken parts. The interior condition is in excellent condition, all gauges are operational and intact, the upholstery is in excellent condition. Spare, jack and tools. All chrome is in place and in exceptional condition. Single exhaust, needs front shocks. New master cylinder, Factory AM radio --- needs new tube. Offered for $17,500.00.
Dodge Owners Rate Handling As The Best-Liked Features,
by Dodge Owners, for Popular Mechanics, June 1955
There's very little disagreement among owners of the 1955 Dodge V8 about its good points. Nearly half (47 percent) of them list Dodge's fine handling as the best-liked feature. This big chunk of agreement is especially surprising in view of Dodge's emphasis on its new styling this year.
"Handling is excellent. Power steering is very precise, I like it this way." - New Jersey manufacturer.
"The day after I bought my new Dodge with power steering I drove 874 miles (from 8 p.m. until 4 p.m. the following day). Prior to that I was not interest in power steering. Now I would not own a car without it --- Dodge power steering, that is." --- New Jersey Fire Chief.
"A good woman's car. Easy to handle and easily parked." --- Virginia housewife.
Clymer Road Test, by Floyd Climer, for Popular Mechanics, June 1955
The test was made over the route from Los Angeles to Phoenix, Arizona, returning via San Diego, a distance of 849 miles which included some tests on back trails of the desert. The test car was the Royal Custom four-door sedan, powered by the Super Red Ram V8 engine of 7.6:1 compression ratio. This over-square engine has hemispheric combustion chambers. Displacement is 270 ci as against 241 for 1954 and horsepower has been increased to 183 from last years' 140.
Dodge for 1955 offers two V8 engines. The more expensive is the Super Red Ram described above. It features the double rocker-arm-shaft design with hemispheric combustion chambers. The second Dodge V8 is the 175-horsepower Red Ram.
Owners Report: 1955 Dodge V8, by Floyd Climer, for Popular Mechanics, June 1955
"So far my gasoline mileage is not what I was led to expect. It is 12.8 miles per gallon for overall average for 1000 miles. Hope to have this situation improved by the 3000 mile check." --- Texas guard.
Other Best-Liked Features
Dodge owners rate power and performance second on the list of best-liked features and much-publicized "flair fashioned" styling is third.
"I like its ready response when I want to go. All trips seem too short. It is indeed a pleasure to drive." --- Nebraska farmer.
"The 193 HP engine has plenty of get-up-and-go. It takes hills like a charm. I make an average of 35 stops a day calling on customers, and I am amazed at the mileage I get with such a big car." --- New Jersey salesman.
"Even after I have owned the car for three months, people still stop, stare and admire it and ask questions about it." --- Pennsylvania store owner.
"I like the styling best. Chrysler Corporation has finally caught up with the rest of the industry in this aspect." --- Pennsylvania insurance man.
"Over-all beauty gives the car snob appeal. Colors harmonize beautifully. Incidentally, in a demonstration drive with PowerFlite, I was told by the salesman it was safe to reverse the car at speeds under 40. I tried it at 30 mph repeatedly. No damage done. It's a nice feeling, while driving with children in front, to know they will not cause harm to the transmission by an accidental bump of the shift." --- Pennsylvania printer.
And Other Complaints
Second and third on the list of most-frequent complaints are body noises (squeaks and rattles) and the operation of PowerFlite transmission.
"There are too many rattles in doors and instrument panel." --- Virginia factory superintendent.
"PowerFlite is not smooth operating. It is noisy and jerks when dropping into low gear at stops. Has not had final adjustment, however." --- Nebraska Army employee.
"PowerFlite thumps when car is put into motion." --- Florida nurseryman.
Owners of the Dodge V8 are unbothered by engine trouble, the survey shows. Three out of four say they had no engine trouble at all (77 percent). Another 20 percent say they had some trouble and only a tiny 3 percent report considerable trouble.
Although Dodge offers a brand new V8 this year (the 175 HP Red Ram with a single-rocker-arm-shaft Super Red Ram (183 HP), there apparently in no oil consumption problem among the engines. Only 7 percent of the owners report using some oil and none reports that the engines use considerable amounts of il.
Most of the owners who report some engine trouble list the automatic choke as the offender. A few more say the engine is hard to start in cold weather.
"Automatic choke flooded frequently until it was adjusted properly." --- Kansas executive.
"Carburetor kept flooding. Dealer installed a new one. It's okay now." --- Florida dragline operator.
"On cold mornings the car has been very hard to start due to the choke." --- Mississippi mill operator.
Another complaint is that the engine has a rough idle.
"Engine should idle more smoothly. It rocks all the time." Pennsylvania laborer.
What Should Be Changed?
Asked to name one change they would make in their Dodge, 43 percent of the owners say no change is needed. The other 57 percent offer various suggestions, but no more than 5 percent agree on any specific change. Five percent want the glove compartment larger or moved closer to the driver. The same percentage (5 percent) want gasoline economy improved. Another 5 percent say the body should be tighter. Here are some typical quotations by owners asking for specific changes (in order of frequency of mention):
"I would like the glove compartment to be larger and in center of dash. Also two ash trays in front." --- Texas clerk. (Quotations about better fuel economy have already been given.)
"Factory or dealer should take more care to tighten body. I found I had to replace several bolts and tighten others under the car and inside." --- Arizona contractor.
"Add parking dog to PowerFlite." --- Ohio insurance agent.
"Make the steering wheel clear the lap more." --- Kansas fireman.
"Get rid of push-button door latches. Hard to open with groceries in hands." --- Oregon minister.
"Eliminate cowl ventilator." --- Texas clerk.
"Put ram's head back on hood." --- Tennessee machine operator.
Other Best-Liked Features
The following typical quotations were made by owners in stating what they like best about their 1955 Dodges:
"Excellent riding comfort. Do not get jarred on bad roads." --- Pennsylvania sales manager.
"It has the best visibility of any car on the market" --- North Carolina farmer.
"Sloping hood and raised fenders offer good vision." --- Iowa railroad fireman.
"Windshield design makes it easy to get in and out plus giving a nice view to front and right side." --- Washington service station attendant.
"Roadability excellent. You feel safe at all times." --- Iowa auto mechanic.
"Interior styling is excellent, especially the plastic upholstery that eliminates the previous dissatisfaction of buying good looking upholstery and then having to cover it for protection." --- Florida owner.
"Doesn't use any oil to speak of and is so easy on gas. Always ready to go when others won't even start." Missouri owner.
"I drive to work every day. With six in the car we are not crowded." --- Pennsylvania crane operator.
"I like the way I get traction on ice and snow with PowerFlite." --- Washington petroleum wholesaler.
"I like the new bright colors. They ar cheerful and can be seen quicker on the highway." --- Arizona shovel operator.
"Large trunk area and convenient map light on instrument panel." --- Oklahoma housewife.
Additional Complaints
"Water leaked in around top of the windshield." --- Washington foreman.
"Body leaks. Floor mats are always wet on underside." --- Pennsylvania engineer.
"Tubeless tires are not satisfactory. Ride very hard, out of round, give the car vibrations. I removed all four tires and substituted tires and wheels from a 1949 Chrysler which I own and the difference was amazing. Vibration was cut down at least 40 percent." --- New York machine operator.
"Had trouble with tires being out of round. Three were replaced in 1300 miles and I still get vibration." --- Illinois machinist.
"Steering post is very noisy over rough roads." --- New Jersey mason.
"Had several bad chrome sections when delivered, but were taken care of to my satisfaction by my Dodge dealer." --- Pennsylvania businessman.
"Defroster clears windshield unevenly." --- Washington farmer.
"Defroster very poor on driver's side." --- Connecticut rubber worker.
"Horn ring positively dangerous. Answers to pressure on bottom third of wheel only. In a curve, driver has to hunt for pressure spot to sound horn." --- Missouri lawyer. "Chrome inside and out is not put on the right way. It works loose and causes squeaks and noises." --- New Jersey baker. "Driver cannot see right front fender clearly." --- Pennsylvania salesman.
Dash-Mounted Shift Lever
One of the most talked-about features of the entire Chrysler Corporation line is the location of the PowerFlite selector lever on the dashboard. Only 6 percent of the owners polled dislike the new location. Another 10 percent say it makes no difference to them and 84 percent like the idea. Here are some options:
"Selector lever on dashboard is the hardest thing to get used to. It is handier under the steering wheel, but must admit it is out of the way of coat sleeves on the dash and you don't use it much anymore." Washington prison officer. "Dash-mounted lever is just as convenient (but no more so) as when on steering column. --- New Jersey salesman. "Dashboard location is wonderful. Seems the natural place for it." --- West Virginia salesman. "New position is very good. I cut the lever off flush with the dash." --- California electronics engineer.
Well, there you have it --- the good and the bad about the 1955 Dodge V8. A brief summary of the owner's opinions would state that the Dodge is excellent in handling, power and performance. Its two V8 engines are reliable and very miserly with oil. The major complaint is that the car uses too much gasoline, especially with PowerFlite.
For more information contact the owner directly at 888.600.4945
1955 Dodge Custom Royal For Sale By Owner
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