1934 Lincoln KB Willoughby Limousine

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1934 Lincoln KB Willoughby Limousine
For Sale By Owner
Offered For $99,500.00
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Vehicle Description

1934 Lincoln KB Willoughby Limousine. One of only 77 built. Probably the last all original car, Only 4 documented still in existence in the late 90's. The owner has the original title and owners manual. This vehicle has been Well maintained and cared for by one family for 70 years. Always garaged and the owner has a couple of boxes of documentation including the original service card. The Mohair interior looks like it just left show room. The Tuxedo leather top is also in excellent condition.

I just recently purchased the car here locally and received with it a box full of documentation on the vehicle. The information I have provided here has been taken from that paperwork and orally thru the gentleman from whom I purchased the vehicle. He obtained most of his information from the son-in –law of the original owner.

The story:

The vehicle was originally purchased in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1934 by a banker in Strawn, Texas. I have the original title showing the names of the selling dealer and purchaser. I also have the original registration receipts until 1940, when the owner, Mr. Straus, no longer continued to maintain registration. The car was garaged in the rear of the bank where Mr. Straus’ chauffeur lived. He used the car for a few years, making some trips to Ft. Worth to meetings at an oil company on which he served as a board member. During this time, the car caught the eye of an employee at a filling station frequented by Mr. Straus. When Mr. Straus retired the vehicle, (possibly in 1940, as it was no longer registered after that date), the gas station attendant attempted to purchase it, but Mr. Straus was not interested in selling it at that time. Meanwhile, the United States became involved in WWII, and the gas station attendant went off to serve in the war. Upon his return home after the war, he again tried to buy the vehicle, and again was unsuccessful. Fast forward a few years…the gas station attendant eventually became Mr. Straus’ son-in-law! In 1953, possession of the car was given to his son-in-law. He moved it to Sundown, Texas, were he cared for it for the family—he never considered the car “his”. When he sold it in 2004 and gave the money to the family. The car made a tour of Texas in 1970, and paperwork detailing the maintenance done prior to the tour shows that it had 39,000 miles on it at that time. Today the car shows 44,170 miles on the odometer.

The car has been garage-kept its entire life and its current condition is as close to originally perfect as a 76-year-old vehicle can be. The paint is original; in the right light you can see where it has faded with time. It has some small rock chips on the fenders and wear marks around the hood where it has been opened and closed. I have both the original owner’s manual and the original build sheet. The manual says that the paint job is the top of the line and should last two years. The paint job has lasted significantly longer than the projected two years, but it does show its age. The coach portion of the vehicle is aluminum, so rust is not much of a concern there, nor is it found anywhere else either. The only body ding noted is a small crease on the foot rail below the right rear passenger door area and is barely noticeable. However, there also appears to be a minor ding on the front left fender that was repaired. The remainder of the body appears to still be in the condition it was the day it left the factory. The muffler has been replaced but I still have the original muffler as well, which needs to be re-covered. An electric fuel pump has been added and subsequently concealed to allow for easier starting—and it does start very easily.

The rear interior shows no wear and its condition today is nearly as perfect as it was when it left the factory. The front compartment shows some minor wear on the floor carpet, and the leather seats have some wrinkles from use but no cracking or other signs of wear. The tuxedo leather top has been treated annually and is still in excellent condition.

The story underscores the great care that has been taken to keep the vehicle in good condition. Offered for $99,500.00.

For more information contact the owner directly at 206.338.6290
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