1924 Ford Model T Roadster

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Vehicle Description
1924 Ford Model T Roadster
Price SLASHED to $29,000.00
~This Vehicle Is No Longer Available On This Site~
1924 Ford Model T Roadster. This is a fresh car with less than 500 miles. Took 1st place in Roadster class at Prescott Mountain Top Show, May, 2004. Took top 10 award out of 2700 cars at GoodGuys S.W. Nationals November, 2004.

Acrylic enamel Black exterior with Tan Leather upholstery. Authentic English racing windshield, 24 Glass T W/R door. Halogen head lamps. Dash is dirt track racing grille ~ '30's - 40's vintage. Custom interior with dash, English square-weave carpeting. Stewart & Warner gauges are all operational and intact. This vehicle is in excellent condition.
This model features a 93 GM Quad engine, 4 Delordo side draft carb, and Offenhouser racing cam. Many custom exterior parts for 255 Offy Look. Electronic ignition timed off of crank ~ very sophisticated. T 350 GM transmission with 2800 SPC. Fuel pressure and vacuum gauges. The light weight engine features an aluminum hood and pan. Custom 4x3 chassis is modified ~ originally a 1924 Ford Turtle deck. Front leaf springs with Tube shocks with transverse springs in front ~ rear Alden coil over shocks in rear. 8" Ford rear end with aluminum quick change cover. Disc front brakes, drum rear brakes, third brake light in eyes of skull (shift knob), Lokar emergency brake. 15" True spoke Kelsey wire wheels with chrome Ford center caps and trim caps --- Goodyear 145R60/15 Front and 275R60/15 Rear tires. Custom aluminum 11-gallon gas tank --- replated chrome. All parts are NEW chrome. Price SLASHED to $29,000.00.
A T To Toast,
Ken Littell Builds Everyman's Car With An Everyman's Offy
by Chris Shelton, for Street Rodder, June 2005
Ken Littell's one of those guys who can't keep still. He built his first hot rod back in 1949; a 'banger-powered' highboy roadster with a Riley two-port head. He revisited the Riley theme a few years back by building a really slick late T roadster with a Price/Riley four-port head on another A-motor. But before he even got a few hundred miles, he already lamented its future: He wanted to sell the red roadster to build another car.
Seeing how Blackie Gerjean invited Ken's ruby-red roadster to the Fresno Autorama (an invite-only gig, and prestigious at that), we knew Ken wouldn't have a problem peddling it. The ink hardly dried on the Oct. '02 STREET RODDER when we got a call: "I sold the roadster. I want one of those Oldsmobile Quad 4 engines in my next one." he said, referring to the Quad 4 stories we ran in the March and April '02 issues. We parted with an instruction: Guve us progress photos.
Fast-forward nearly three years. Out of the blue we get a letter and some photos of a bitchin' early T-bodied roadster from Ken. Soon after we get a phone call. "The roadster's done. You gonna go to Goodguys' Scottsdale?" he asked. "If you're coming with the new car," we told Ken, "you bet we are!"
As usual, Ken's work doesn't disappoint. He procured Rob Zoller's '23-'24 Roadster and blew the car apart. Snell's Auto Body cut out and braced the right side reveal for an operational passenger door.To that platform he fabricated aluminum mounts and added an A-code Quad 4. Seeing how T's don't exactly accommodate three pedals and two occupants, Ken commissioned Hughes Performance Transmissions to prep a TH350 trans to back the Quad mill. It features a Gennie shifter and a Hughes 2,800-stall converter. Build anything with an Olds Quad 4 and you're 90 percent closer to building a California Roadster Association-style track car; the engine looks just like the venerable Offenhauser 270, the engine that dominated roadster classes---even Indy---for decades. Recognizing this, Ken mounted a Speedway Motors nose and grille on the front and hung a turtle deck off the back. Ken then fabricated an aluminum hood to span the area between the body and the Speedway nose---a formidable task according to Ken.
With everything sorted, Ken dropped the bare components off to Snell's Auto Body for a rubdown and shot of black PPG urethane. Phoenix' Lance Troupe fabricated a form-fitting bench seat to make the most of the T's cockpit. Ken whipped up the chomed-steel column and topped it with a quick release and steering wheel---all shades of the red car. Ken also chose Wheel Vintiques' wires, thereby giving the car a pre-war dry lake feel.
Needless to say, we were pretty impressed. We recognized Ken's efforts with a STREET RODDER Top 10---the second he's earned for his keen eye and attention to details. But we have the distinct feeling that Ken gets a bigger kick out of building them than driving them; he told us at the awards ceremony that the little car was going on the block. "Now I want one of those Deuce convertibles over there," he said, pointing over his shoulder at the Dearborn Deuce corral adjacent to the winner's circle.
To which we replied, "Give us progress photos." Now, this should be good.!"